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Rural Comm provides residential and commercial Internet services to Southern Illinois. Established in 2004, we are dedicated to providing small rural towns with reliable Internet services they currently can't access.

Residential and commercial Internet services

Multiple Internet packages

Whether you are looking for Internet services for your home or business, Rural Comm has the package that will work for you.


Choose from 5 different levels of Internet services, depending on your Internet usage.

Troubleshooting services

Are you experiencing slow load times or a complete loss of Internet connection? Rural Comm has solutions you can try to solve these problems.


Follow the steps we have set up to restore your connection or contact us for additional services.

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Get Internet installation and connection services from Rural Comm, a local company that provides Internet to small rural cities.

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You may have a lot of questions when thinking about signing up for Internet services from Rural Comm. Check out some of our Internet FAQs and contact us for additional information.

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